About Us

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Gleason Automation Systems is dedicated solely to manufacturing automated tray handling systems. Our standard products replace the tedious debug time associated with "one of a kind" custom machines. A standard production system can begin loading parts as soon as it "hits your floor." With hundreds of units already in service, our systems are production proven workhorses designed to save you time and labor.


Gleason Automation Systems was incorporated in July, 1991. Originally, the company was a “value added” supplier to a sister company that distributed automated components to industrial markets.

Gleason Automation Systems designed and manufactured its first DS1100 unit in May, 1993. Although the DS1100 has undergone several design changes, the basic operating theory remains the same.

In 2014 Gleason Automation Systems was acquired by Gleason Corporation and in 2015 relocated its entire operation to the Gleason Business Park at 1000 University Ave in Rochester, New York.



Gleason Automation Systems has always dedicated itself to a simple, standard product philosophy. While many companies have built tray handlers, our standardization has allowed us to excel where others have floundered. We have amortized our engineering costs, optimized component usage and maximized our labor in a way only standardization allows. Our time tested systems and experience have propelled us to the forefront of tray handling automation.


Gleason Automation Systems offers four standard products, all available in four model sizes, handling trays and dunnage from 6” x 6” to 48” x 48”. Please see our product section for details.