DS 1100

The DS1100 Tray Handler uses an over/under conveyor design with a cartesian overhead robot. These units can be configured with multiple head tooling for cycle times of less than 1 sec/part. This system can also be configured as tray loaders or unloaders. Other operations, such as reorientation, inspection, and assembly, can be performed inside our machine frame.

A push button operator interface that can be upgraded to a full PC based touch screen is standard on the DS1100.

The standard DS1100 uses an integrated motion/logic controller.

Key Benefits:

  • Can accommodate virtually any tray for automatic parts feeding.
  • Requires minimum floor space.
  • Extends queue times.
  • Includes AC servo robot.
  • Can be configured for clean room environments.

Sequence of Operation:

  • Stack of trays loaded on lower conveyor.
  • Lower conveyor indexes trays to elevator.
  • Elevator raises top tray and locks in position.
  • Robot empties or fills tray.
  • Completed tray is transferred to restack station
  • Top conveyor indexes trays to rear of machine.
  • Stacks of trays are removed from top conveyor.

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