DS 1200

The DS1200 is designed to handle heavier parts. It can accommodate nearly any automated parts-feeding tray on carts, dollies or "side by side" roller conveyors. Parts can be unloaded from one work cell, easily transferred to another cell, and loaded into production without manual lifting.

Key Benefits:

  • Handles heavy parts.
  • Unlimited queue as a parts accumulator.
  • Eliminates ergonomic lifting hazards.
  • Uses floor space efficiently.
  • Can accommodate other operations.

Sequence of Operation:

  • Cart with trays is loaded into bay 1.
  • Empty cart is loaded into bay 2.
  • Top tray in bay 1 indexes up, locks in position.
  • Robot empties or fills tops trays.
  • Completed tray is transferred to bay 2 elevator.
  • Tray is lowered to empty cart.

Review the features of the DS1200 Automated Tray Handler for heavier parts