DS 1200MTL

The DS1200-MTL provides an accurate, reliable alternative to costly conveyor automation and tedious operator tending. This compact system, which is compatible with most machine tools, uses robotic technology to load and unload machine tools. Its secondary operations capability allows this system to function as a versatile workcell.

Key Benefits:

  • MTL loads directly to the machine tool spindle, collect, chuck or fixture. No need for a secondary loader.
  • Loads as quickly as 4.20 seconds.
  • Dual grippers remove "green" parts and place "machined" part into trays or racks.
  • Stacks racks on carts or dollies.
  • Purge cycle clean, fast and simple.
  • Secondary operations bay can include wash, inspect, gauge, mark and vision all in one unit!
  • Able to track parts.
  • All-inclusive HMI provides error handling, machine videos and all documentation.
  • Eliminates operator machine tending.
  • Unit can continue to feed parts as operators reload trays.
  • Povides hours of part queue in extremely small space.
  • Allows for efficient, ergonomic product flow without conveyors.
  • Available as double ended unit to feed two machine tools with one unit.

Sequence of Operation:

  • Operator places cart with "green" parts in trays stacked up to 36" high in bay 1, empty cart in bay 2.
  • Bay 1 elevator lifts top tray up to tray dawgs and locks it in place.
  • DS1200-MTL robot removes green part from tray with Gripper "A".
  • Robot waits by machine tool for finished machine part.
  • With machining complete, Gripper "B" removes machine part, Gripper "A" places "green" part.
  • While machining center is cutting part, DS1200-MTL robot transfers machined part to secondary operations bay.
  • With secondary ops complete, finished part is returned to tray.
  • Tray transfer slide picks tray full of finished parts and transfers it to bay 2.
  • Full tray of finished parts is lowered onto cart in bay 2.
  • With cart full in bay 2, operators replace carts.
  • NOTE: At any time, operators can replace carts without stopping machine loading process.

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